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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Does it Happen? Trajectories Toward an Adjusted Gospel

“False gospels are all around us, ranging from the blatantly false to the seductively revised.”

1. The Modern Trajectory
“The moment you begin to make a distinction between the 'historical Jesus' and the Christ of faith, you have already compromised Biblical Christianity.”

2. The Postmodern Trajectory
“When you come to understand liberal theology, you don’t know anything more about theology but you do know a lot more about liberals.”

3. The Moral Trajectory
“We need to avoid presenting God as fair. Perfect is better than fair. Perfect is above being interrogated by fair. With fair, nobody goes to heaven.”

4. The Aesthetic Trajectory
“We are too easily drawn toward what is merely pretty…superficial…gaudy. The cross is an example of true beauty, but is horribly ugly to the human eye.”

5. The Therapeutic Trajectory
“The gospel saves and makes well, but it is not therapy.”

6. The Pragmatic Trajectory
“Pragmatism is one of the most powerful backdrops of modern ministry. With pragmatism there is an immediate payoff, but it leads to crowds that are not churches and results that are not regenerations.”

7. The Emotional Trajectory
“How you feel about certain doctrines has nothing to do with whether or not they are true. And it has nothing to do with whether or not you should faithfully preach them.

8. The Materialist Trajectory
“We are all tempted to immanentize the eschaton: ‘Your Best Life Now.” But for the believer, our best life is future. The only people whose best life is now are those who will end up in hell.”

“The Christ who saved us is Lord of His truth. He will vindicate his truth.”

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