What Would It Look Like If God's Spirit Swept Through Our Church?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've been pondering this thought an awful lot recently - "What would it look like if God's Spirit swept through our church?" How would this change us? What would we do differently? What would I do differently? What would you do differently?

These are important questions in so many ways. So much of what happens in churches today is simply program driven. We have our well-run, well-organized ministries for every imaginable age group, yet sometimes I wonder if we've programmed God right out of the equation in some cases.

As I have studied some of the great revivals of the past they have all been marked by an unbelievable movement of God's Spirit that was irresistible and profound. People were truly humbled and changed because of the great conviction brought upon them by Almighty God. This conviction always resulted in a willing repentance from sin on the part of the people and leaders. Idols of the heart were identified, acknowledged, and cast down because they were finally seen for what they really were - cheap imitations and substitutes for the one and only living and true God.

I will tell you right now this much, I have been fervently praying for a sweeping of God's Spirit through our church. It is my desire to see Him work and move among us in such a profound, life-changing, ministry-altering way that we stand back in absolute awe of what He is doing. And that's just it, really. Its about what God does, not what we do, or attempt to do or manufacture. There is just too much "manufacturing" going on in churches today. My prayer is that God will really move and work among us and that we will let Him do whatever He needs and desires to do among us. May God's Spirit truly sweep through Harvest of Canton!

BTW, I was really challenged about this matter of experiencing God's manifest presence in my own life personally through a recent blog post by my good friend Gordon Zwirkoski. I highly recommend that you go read it here - http://www.fivestonechurches.org/Blog/10-03-07/Manifest_Presence.aspx


T March 18, 2010 at 9:38 AM  

Yes, Father - I agree. Let your Spirit sweep through Harvest. Let us seek you in prayer by offering our requests, praises and thanksgiving to you. In faith and trusting in the promises of your word let us trust in your Son Jesus above all things, let us turn from trusting in the idols of our minds and hearts and trust only in you! Help us to love you and love others as you have loved us. Send your Spirit Lord, send your Spirit. We are hungry and thirsty for more of you. We don't want to be babes forever, but to grow and mature as each does his service unto you to build up your body! Enable us to be bold witnesses to your gospel Lord. If they do not hear, how can they believe?! Seek the lost Lord! Jesus paid too high a price for us to keep this extravigant gift to ourselves... move Lord! Amen

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