A Prayer of Thanks From Your Church

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jesus, we thank You.

With tenderness You sought lost sheep and made us Your flock.
With power You raised rotting corpses and made us Your body.
With compassion You courted prostitutes and betrothed us to be Your bride.
With mercy You collected worthless rubble and built us into a temple for Your Spirit.
With care You gathered lifeless branches and grafted us into the true Vine.
With grace You sacrificed Yourself for enemies and made us Your friends.
With kindness You forgave idolators and made us a kingdom of priests.
With love You welcomed orphans and adopted us into Your family.

Though wolves in sheep's clothing threaten from without,
Though sin's temptations threaten from within,
You are cleansing us by the washing of water with Your Word.

One day You will present us to Yourself in splendor
Spotless and wrinkle-free (not even one blemish!)
For Your glory
And for our eternal joy.

We praise you.
We thank you.


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